Why Choose PressPrint?

Incredible Prints

Export PDFs from Calendar Central and order beautiful print designs that fit the needs of your community.

Design Advice

We will update the proofs you send us with us expert design advice and have you sign off before we send the prints.

Easy to Use

Our easy to use platform takes out all of the guesswork out of printing. We only bring you the options that fit great with senior living.

Shipping Options

Timing is everything, we have options from standard shipping to next day!

PressPrint is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Select Newsletter, Calendar or Hybrid Printing

Scroll through our shop and choose the product your wish to print. We have many different options and sizes. If can’t find your desired size or option, feel free to contact us!


2. Upload your Calendar / Upload your Newsletter

Upload your finished calendar design from Calendar Central by Icon here and we will print it for you with your choices. You can also upload your newsletter to the back of your calendar and upload to PressPrint.


3. Click Print and Checkout

Checkout and finish your order very easy with our shop. You will be able to customize delivery, payment options (invoice or credit card) and update your address all in this step.

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